You may recognize Jesika from a ton of photos on our Instagram and shop. She's been our model since day one and a homegirl for years. She's a stunner with a hilarious, sassy personality. She was bitten by the travel bug years ago on a trip to Paris, which prompted her to work her butt off to do a study abroad program back in France last year. Learn more about our girl Jes below so that next time you scroll past her pretty face in your feed, you'll see more than perfect eyebrows and the best (purple) hair ever.
Currently living: San Diego
In her headphones right now: I've been on a real dreamy, 90's sounding kick. My Spotify has been playing lots of Spacemen 3, Yuck, Whirr and The Jesus Mary Chain.
Style influences: I love Chloë Sevigny. She can never do wrong in my book. The fact that she always adds a little vintage element to her style without looking dated or ridiculously costumy, kind of amazes me. She just always looks so damn cool.  
First travel destination: First, first? I suppose New York City was the first place I traveled to. I was 16 or 17, and went only for the weekend because it was for a punk festival that was being held at CBGB's. 
Favorite place traveled: Paris. Super cliché, I know, but it's a beautifully intriguing city. 
Funniest travel memory: Oh no. Well, my friend and I were catching a flight to Portland Oregon and we arrived pretty early to the airport, so we decided to start drinking before the flight. Once on the plane we decided it's a good idea to proceed on with getting hammered. Mind you, this is only a two hour flight. Of course by the end of two hours we both have to pee so bad but our stewardess won't let us use the bathroom while we are descending. So we were stuck, sweaty and losing our minds. It felt like the longest landing of all time. Thankfully neither of us pissed ourselves, but I think it was our karma for being the most annoying drunk chicks on a flight.
Most awkward foreign situation: Definitely when I was in Paris. I was lost and it was about two in the morning and I asked a French man working in a restaurant if he could help me with directions, and he yelled at me for not saying "Bonjour" first. He actually said, "obviously your parents didn't raise you right". The French are real big on manners, so it's polite to always greet someone before you ask a question or begin a conversation. 
Wanderlust destination: Berlin. I've had so many friends recommend it, saying its their favorite place to visit. I wanna know what all the hoopla is about. 
Favorite thing to do while traveling:  Toss up between eating foreign sweet treats or taking photographs.

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