I'm sure this is a common story in this day and age of social media: you make a pal through Instagram, exchange some DMs and comments and feel like you're best buds with someone even though you've never met in the flesh. Such is the story with Jes O'Brien and me -- a digital friendship across continents (US & Australia!) BUT in our story, we got to meet after months of Insta-chatting! And when we met, we had about a three hour lunch date where she detailed for Taryn & me her plans for a linen company -- linens that would be softer than soft and get better with age. Not only that, she was working with some amazing artists (including our pal Kelli Murray!) on for the screen printed designs, some of which included my all time favorite rock stars and some hilarious puns. Taryn and I were both impressed and excited to see the final product. Lucky for us, that day has come!

I can't say enough good things about Jes and her sweetness and creativity OR about these lovely linens. We have THREE pieces and will definitely be adding more to our collection. I was thrilled to have Jes use some of our blankets in her lookbook shoot, which you can see a few snaps from below. Have a look at her brand new linen shop and make sure you're following her on Instagram (@dazedbutamazed) because she'll undoubtedly have more goodness up her stylish sleeves.


Dazed but Amazed from La Lune Cinema on Vimeo.

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