Mama Muse: Chrissy Powers

Mama Muse is our monthly feature where I chat with creative moms I admire. It may be anyone rad and inspiring - entrepreneurs, travelers, artists, photographers, musicians, foodies and anyone else who seems to be able to do it all while making it look easy and stylish! Give me all the secrets and advice - I can use it! xx Julia


This month, our Mama Muse is Chrissy Powers. She is a therapist, mama, blogger and NOW a podcaster. She lives up the coast from us in North County San Diego and I love following her journey as a mama to two adorable boys... with a little girl on the way soon! We also have a fun blanket collaboration with her so shop the blanket seen in her photos below at the end of this post or here.


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What do you admire most about your children?
In my 5 year old Waylon, I admire his passion, out-of-the-box thinking, love/need for affection and how when he spots a homeless person he asks me if we have anything to give them.
In my 2 year old Zeke I admire his curiosity, love for food, and his sweet desire to let everyone try his food creations...he really has a desire to make people happy and it's so heart warming to see.

Best piece of parenting advice you've gotten?
To be always be a detective of my child and to love them where they're at and for who they are individually. 

When you travel with your family, are there any activities that take priority for you? 
It's usually to find food they like first like a pizza shop and then to find the beach or pool! ;)

What are some of the ways motherhood has changed priorities professionally?
Wow motherhood has changed my priorities professionally in many ways. First I took a step back in building my practice in marriage and family therapy so I could be home with my kids during the day. Secondly I found a way to combine my creative skills with my degree in psychology through blogging so that I can still feel like I fulfilling my purpose in life apart from motherhood. However when my kids are awake it's a constant juggle between school drop off, pick up, play dates, nap time, and answering emails or getting "work" done. A lot of times my "work" comes last or I find ways to fit it in here and there and thats okay with me right now.

What is something you’re looking forward to about adding some more female energy to your household? 
Yes! I'm so excited to have a little girl but I have to admit I'm a little scared too. I struggled with body image and eating disorder issues growing up and I NEVER want my daughter to experience that kind of pain and insecurity. I know she might but I'm going to be her number one cheerleader in helping her see she is so much more than a body or symbol of beauty. I had to redefine beauty in order to heal from my negative self talk. I learned that I would much rather feel beautiful because I added value to someone's life or because I could make wise choices, run a marathon with my muscular legs, or create something beautiful like a painting or photo. I learned my heart was what was beautiful and I want all my children to know that. I'm excited to add a girl to this boy club for so many reasons! I think having a sister to love and look out for will be something invaluable for my boys. It's very hard to devalue something or someone you have empathy for... so hopefully I will raise 2 boys and a girl that have empathy for each other and for their world. 


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